htop-3.1.2 released

Nathan Scott

Hi all,

We've tagged a bug fix htop-3.1.2 release - you can download it here:

If you get value from using htop please consider donating any funds
you can spare to help us continue to make htop great. This will help
cover our personal costs, like domain name registration and so on:


What's new in version 3.1.2

* Bugfix for crash when storing modified settings at exit
* Generate xz-compressed source tarball (with configure) using github actions
* Allow -u UID with numerical value as argument
* Added documentation for obsolete/state libraries/program files highlighting
* Some obsolete/stale library highlighting refinements
* Column width issues resolved
* Dynamic UID column sizing improved
* Discard stale information from Disk and Network I/O meters
* Refined Linux kernel thread detection
* Reworked process state handling
* New CCGROUP column showing abbreviated cgroup name
* New OFFSET column in the list of open files screen