htop-3.0.0 released

Nathan Scott

Hi all,

We've just released htop-3.0.0 with over two years worth of bug fixes
and features. Enjoy!

What's new in version 3.0.0

* New maintainers - after a prolonged period of inactivity
from Hisham, the creator and original maintainer, a team
of community maintainers have volunteered to take over
a fork at and
to keep the project going.

* Support ZFS ARC statistics
(thanks to Ross Williams)
* Support more than 2 smaller CPU meter columns
(thanks to Christoph Budziszewski)
* Support Linux proportional set size metrics
(thanks to @linvinus, @ntninja and @himikof)
* Support Linux pressure stall information metrics
(thanks to Ran Benita)
* New display option to show CPU frequency in CPU meters
(thanks to Arnav Singh)
* Update Linux sysfs battery discovery for recent kernels
(thanks to @smattie)
* Add hardware topology information in the affinity panel
(thanks to Bert Wesarg)
* Add timestamp reporting to the strace screen
(thanks to Mario Harjac)
* Add simple, optional vim key mapping mode
(thanks to Daniel Flanagan)
* Added an option to disable the mouse
(thanks to MartinJM)
* Add Solaris11 compatibility
(thanks to Jan Senolt)
* Without an argument -u uses $USER value automatically
(thanks to @solanav)
* Support less(1) search navigation shortcuts
(thanks to @syrrim)
* Update the FreeBSD maximum PID to match FreeBSD change
(thanks to @multiplexd)
* Report values larger than 100 terabytes
(thanks to @adrien1018)
* Widen ST_UID (UID) column to allow for UIDs > 9999
(thanks to DLange)
* BUGFIX: fix makefiles for building with clang
(thanks to Jorge Pereira)
* BUGFIX: fix <sys/sysmacros.h> major() usage
(thanks to @wataash and Kang-Che Sung)
* BUGFIX: fix the STARTTIME column on FreeBSD
(thanks to Rob Crowston)
* BUGFIX: truncate overwide jail names on FreeBSD
(thanks to Rob Crowston)
* BUGFIX: fix reported memory values on FreeBSD
(thanks to Tobias Kortkamp)
* BUGFIX: fix reported CPU meter values on OpenBSD
(thanks to @motet-a)
* BUGFIX: correctly identify other types of zombie process
(thanks to @joder)
* BUGFIX: improve follow-process handling in some situations
(thanks to @wangqr)
* BUGFIX: fix custom meters reverting to unexpected setting
(thanks to @wangqr)
* BUGFIX: close pipe after running lsof(1)
(thanks to Jesin)
* BUGFIX: meters honour setting of counting CPUs from 0/1
(thanks to @rnsanchez)