htop-3.1.1 released

Nathan Scott

Hi all,

We tagged a small bug fix release of htop today - enjoy!

What's new in version 3.1.1

* Update license headers to explicitly say GPLv2+
* Document minimum version for libcap (thanks to James Brown)
* Fix mouse wheel collision with autogroups nice adjustment
* Adjust macro definitions for older automake versions
* Ensure consistent reporting of MemoryMeter 'used' memory
* Report hugepage memory as real and used memory (as before)
* Handle procExeDeleted, usesDeletedLib without mergedCommandline mode
* Validate meter configuration before proceeding beyond htoprc parsing
* Properly release memory on partially read configuration
* Handle interrupted sampling from within libpcp PDU transfers
* On Linux, provide O_PATH value if not defined
* On Linux, always compute procExeDeleted if already set
* Workaround for Rosetta 2 on Darwin (thanks to Alexander Momchilov)
* Fix FreeBSD cmdline memory leak in Process_updateCmdline, and
* Plug a Disk I/O meter memory leak on FreeBSD (thanks to Ximalas)