A group for parents of teenaged homeschoolers who are aiming toward college. We discuss preparing to apply for college; what colleges might want; what courses, materials and curricula work for us and our kids; filling out college applications; how our older kids who are already in college are faring; particular colleges; SATs, SAT IIs, ACTs and AP tests; and other topics related to homeschooling teenagers.

As this is a non-partisan group, we avoid hot-button political issues. Many of these issues are relevant to homeschooling, but we don't want flamewars here.

We do not allow selling of products or services on our group. Discreet links to services or websites are allowed in your signature.

Avoiding flamewars: We have more than 2200 members in our group. We rejoice in the diversity of our homeschooling experiences. If someone states an opinion that is different than your own, please give them the benefit of the doubt and do not assume they are attacking your choices. Please try to resolve disagreements with other posters via personal email rather than posting to the entire group.

This is not a list for chatting, so members are requested to remain on topic. Although our children are teens, this is not a list for discussing teen issues that do not pertain to college admissions.

New members needn't introduce themselves until they make their first post with a question or comment.

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