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The platform offers many advanced features, which are strictly optional. For those interested, we'll cover some of the more useful ones here.

Editing your member profile- display name, etc.

You may use your "Bogleheads moniker" as your "Display Name" here (in your Member Profile), but that's optional. To Edit your Profile, click on the subscription tag, then click the "Edit Group Profile" button. You may optionally upload a Profile picture, and any other information (interests, hobbies, etc.) in the "Bio" field. Make sure you click the "Update Group Profile" button when you are done editing.

Email delivery settings

You may change your default email delivery settings by clicking the Subscription tab. This places you in the Membership section displaying e-mail delivery options. The recommended (and default) setting is for delivery of individual messages, but you may elect to have messages bundled into one of the Digest options, or select NO email whatsoever (would need to log into website to read messages).

Changing account e-mail address

When you post, your email address is also shown to group members who receive messages via email. If you would like to change your e-mail address go to your account page, located at the far right of the site header and select "Account". Enter your new e-mail address in the "Change e-mail" box. Make sure you click "Export my account" when done.


This group's purpose is to facilitate planning and follow-up for local chapter meetings, and not intended to replace the financial discussions and resources at Bogleheads® is a registered service mark of the John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy.