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This is a discussion group for users and potential users of the HPx-eos and/or THERMOCALC. We welcome all students and researchers, regardless of level of experience.

The HPx-eos represent the thermodynamics of various crustal and upper mantle minerals and fluids. They are built on the Holland & Powell internally-consistent dataset of end-member thermodynamic properties. The definitive implementation of the HPx-eos is that of the THERMOCALC software, but they are often used via other programs - including programs like MAGEMin, Perple_X and Theriak/Domino, that serve similar functions to THERMOCALC, or programs such as XMapTools that are more application-focused.

THERMOCALC is a program by Roger Powell & Tim Holland for calculating phase equilibria, using thermodynamic models - the HPx-eos - based on the Holland & Powell dataset. THERMOCALC was originally developed by Roger Powell for his PhD in the early 1970s. It is freely available for use in scientific research, and is not related to the more recent commercial software, Thermo-Calc.

This discussion group is likely of particular interest to users and potential users of THERMOCALC. If you are one of these users, and you're writing to report a possible bug or ask about specific calculations, please upload all THERMOCALC input and output files when you post your question. You are also most welcome to join this group if you're interested in the HPx-eos in general, or want to discuss results obtained with the HPx-eos in another program. Please note however that Perple_X and Theriak/Domino have their own discussion groups or forums, where you might find that your question has already been answered.

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Links (do suggest others that might be useful):
the HPx-eos and THERMOCALC: hpxeosandthermocalc.org
MAGEMin: https://github.com/ComputationalThermodynamics/MAGEMin

Perple_X: www.perplex.ethz.ch
the Perple_X discussion group: groups.io/g/PerpleX
Theriak/Domino: titan.minpet.unibas.ch/minpet/theriak/theruser.html
the Theriak/Domino user forum: research-talk.org/forum
XMapTools: https://www.xmaptools.com

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