HP-71, anyone?


I've been working on tracking down a bug in my Series 80 emulator.
I came upon it when I tried to run WORD/80 on it, and things did
NOT go well, at all. The reason I was trying to run WORD/80 on it
was because I didn't want to drag out my HP-86 and get it all set up,
and I'd been up in the attic, cataloging the miscellaneous bits and
pieces that I'd inherited from Hank, the manual writer. I'd been
through them before and plucked out what looked like all the
(to me) interesting pieces, meaning Series 80 related. But after
recent events, and setting up the HP-75 group, I spotted a couple
of things that looked like they might be of interest to other folks,
even if not to me.

Well, I still haven't got my emulator working with WORD/80, so (as
I've mentioned) I finally broke down and set up my 86. After several
hours of initializing and copying disks and trying to figure out
why WORD/80 was giving me (a different) problem, I finally got it
all up and working.

The attached screen shot shows the result, and the primary thing
that caught my eye, which I thought others might be interested in.
I'm sure it's already available (in 'polished' final form), but
here's how it was written, lo, these many decades ago...


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