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HPBARC is an amateur radio club in Boise, Idaho for HP workers and retirees. To be an official member of the HPBARC club, HP requires that the members be HP workers or retirees. Other hams who have some connection with the club may belong to the HPBARC group as guests.

In a 1995 interview, David Packard said that the most critical elements that led to the founding of the Hewlett-Packard Company were his trip to Palo Alto (in 1929 as a high school student to visit Stanford) and his involvement in ham radio (which began at an early age).

The HP club maintains an FM repeater on 147.26 MHz (600 KHz positive offset & 100 Hz tone), an APRS digipeater, and a packet node in Boise. The club call sign is AB7HP. Club members meet once or twice a month at the HP facility.

The HP club periodically conducts General License classes. See the HPBARC Facebook page (website below) for any upcoming classes.

The photo was taken on our amateur radio 'Field Day' weekend in June 2008. Two of our antennas are silhouetted against a magnificent sunset. The city lights of Boise are seen on the horizon.

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