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A place to ask questions, post pictures, old code, modernized code, emulators, or just have fun talking about this great family of Hewlett-Packard computers: HP2x00x, HP2x0, HP3000 (in compatability mode). Computer gaming has its roots in the HP2000, the first Star Trek computer game STTR1 was written on an HP2000! Emulator machines may now be available over the Internet, a far cry from when you had to hunt to find a slow print only console. Or you can download an emulator and have your own giant midrange time-share computer hidden inside your tiny modern computer.

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Issues/Problems/Good Things:

  • All members have to be moderated twice-may be able to advance clear?
  • I could see all email addresses on Yahoo. Did I get them all deleted?
  • Yahoo intentionally decreased the d/l quality of photos. Are these the best? People should be able to overwrite my salvage efforts...
  • Photo viewing seems to work much better here on Groups.io
  • No formatting for description blocks? Those silly cavemen and their useless paragraphs...
  • Only 25% of Yahoo group readded. Bulk invite 75%?
  • .
  • Manual salvation off Yahoo saving pages for owners, dates, and descriptions. Retrieved mega-zip from Yahoo
    * * * Did not grab any files that Yahoo linked to outside of Yahoo. * * * So...
  • Group.io creation, cover photo, basic configuration.
  • Databases recreated. Photo albums recreated.



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