Designing, making, etching, soldering, printed circuit boards yourself.

Any method allowed by law and local custom including photo, CAM, toner transfer, direct printing, plotter, laundry pen, silkscreening, toaster oven, paint stripper heat gun, conductive paint or epoxy, storebought or homemade etchant, etc.

Suggestions, recommendations and such to professionals and companies are welcome. If you are posting for your own business, please limit ads to once a month and feel free to post your site in the Links area.

Please be sure to add helpful links to the Links area and use the File area for pictures, PDFs, text, etc.

James Newton has collected information from this and other groups about making PCBs. Massmind

A list has been set up just for discussion about converting inkjet printers to print etch resist directly onto PCBs. Hardware, software, inks, baking, etc. are on topic there. Go to https://groups.io/g/inkjetprintedcircuitboardprinting/topics


Questions on general electronics should go to the Electronics101 list.

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