Snowy Owl By Scott Varney ·
Iceland Gull, Mohawk at crescent park By gregg_recer ·
Fort Edward grasslands this afternoon By scottjstoner ·
No destination this week 2 messages By Naomi Lloyd ·
Town of Austerlitz, NY Golden Eagle By kernscot ·
Initial results for the Schenectady CBC, Saturday, December 18 By Larry & Penny Alden ·
Schenectady CBC 2 messages By Alan Schroeder ·
Stellars Sea Eagle-Chase? By bill.lee3771 ·
interesting gull at Lake Rensselaer By gregg_recer ·
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no. shrike, Northumberland 2 messages By gregg_recer ·
Southern Rensselaer CBC, Sunday, 12/26 4 messages By Naomi Lloyd ·
This week's destination: 12/9, and CBC notes 2 messages By Naomi Lloyd ·
Red-breasted Nuthatch By Alan ·
Great-horned owl 2 messages By Marne Onderdonk ·
FW: upcoming lecture with Rich Guthrie By scottjstoner ·
HMBC Program Notice TONIGHT at 6:30 - Birding Kenya By scottjstoner ·
Great horned Owl I-90 this evening By Richard Guthrie ·
snowy and short-eared owls, POSSIBLE Sandhill Crane Fort Edward this afternoon By scottjstoner ·
Snowy Owls By Jeffrey Schoonmaker ·
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