Warbler Friday- 5/6


Birds were on the move last night ( https://birdcast.info/migration-tools/live-migration-maps/ ) , and the woods were full of sights and sounds this morning. In Altamont, I drove and walked the roadside along Stitt Rd., which alternates between thick mixed forest and more open, shrubby habitat. At least ten species of warblers were present, including Hooded, Blue-winged, Black-and-white, American Redstart, Black-throated Blue, Prairie, and Black-throated Green. At Deer Mountain Village Rd. near Ravena, there is a major construction project ongoing, and much of the treeline along the east side of the road has been cleared to accommodate the work. In the past this was prime habitat for Worm-eating Warblers and other species. I didn't encounter any Worm-eating Warblers along the road, nor in the first portion of trail from the west entrance to Deer Mountain Preserve, but they may not have returned just yet. The west side of the road, above the ravine, was full of birds on the other hand, including Northern Parula, Chestnut-sided Warbler, and Nashville Warbler. Also heard the first Red-eyed Vireos of the season. Fourteen warbler species in total between the two locations. Birds are back.

Tom Williams