VF 5/10/99

F Murphy <thrush@...>

Vischer Ferry - 5/10/99 - 2 Least Bitterns calling simultaneously, Marsh
Wren, 2 Bank Swallows - one making a deposit (if you catch my drift), 12
Yellow-rumped Warblers - my biggest flock yet, V Rail, 38 Least Sandpipers,
6 Solitary Sandpipers, 1 G Yellowlegs, Warbling Vireos, 3 White-crowned
Sparrows - seem to be doing well lately, Canada Goose with a few goslings,

Last nite at 9 PM I confronted 6 ATV's about to enter the preserve, and
they actually turned around after my pleading with the ring leader to go
anywhere else and have a good time but not in the nature preserve. I
always figured that birds or women would be the death of me, but I really
didn't believe it would be the former. Just in case tho, I notified the

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