This week's destination: 6/10

Naomi Lloyd

Hey Thursday birders! If you haven't gotten your Cerulean Warbler fix for the year, then meet up at Schodack Island SP tomorrow at 8:00 -- or earlier -- I'll be at the Riverside Campground (on the right before the big parking lot) at 7:30 looking specifically for the CERWs that have been there in the past few weeks, before moving on to the trails into the woods. Figure on about 3 hours. Biting bugs today were not a problem but lots of noseeums up my nose!

I'm hoping someone spots Upland Sandpipers in Montgomery or Washington Counties soon - that's a carpool trip and will depend on how comfortable people feel about ride sharing. Also, check out the Surrender March Trail south of Schuylerville - last year's Prothonory Warbler has returned and has been vigorously singing for several days. A beautiful bird!