Snowy Hallow Eve Morning -5 Rivers

Sue Rokos

We went to look for the otters at Orchard Pond, and at the top of a tree on the opposite end saw a bedraggled bird, striped tail, blue grey back, hooked bill, a bit buff on each side of head....looked up Merlin in Merlin, and said rare, but sure looked like one.... It took off downward, walked around to try to find, possibly saw again flying over....  Also saw a northern harrier meticulously hovering back and forth low over the field.

Robins, juncos, song sparrows, the mallard and cardinal family, chickadees, blu jays, crows, goldfinches, 2 flickers, nuthatches.  Did not see the golden crowned kinglet, white throated sparrows, or nashville warbler that we saw earlier this week.

Across the road by the dam found a swamp sparrow and 4? Yellow rumped Warblers.. and on the way out a mockingbird!

Cold but beautiful.

Sue Rokos