Signs of spring


Hi, all - This is my first, test post. Nothing major to report, other than enjoying witnessing spring activity for the first time this year!:
I drove along the Hudson in Fort Miller yesterday and enjoyed watching the male goldeneyes doing their mating "head-flip" dance. I also watched a male mallard swimming behind a female doing something I hadn't seen before: he was bouncing his head up and down like a pogo stick, once every second or so, for as long as I watched them. (A couple of minutes.) Two nights ago, at around 10:00 p.m., I heard a "whoo whoo whoo whoo" sound - a great horned owl, someone outside in a pine tree. (I like that bird monitor idea!! I opened my window. It was cold out!!) And, I saw my first robin yeserday in Fort Miller. Grackles were making their squeaking-gate sound outside my apartment in Queensbury this morning. Good signs!

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