Saratoga Spa State Park


I went to two different areas of the park- the  Picnic Loop Road area and the Carlsbad Trail with the Thursday group. At the beginning of the picnic area, I heard 20 different species in about 20 minutes. The highlights being Veery and both Red-eyed and Blue-headed Verios. I went back to this area after the Carlsbad trail trip and found a black-and-white warbler that Merlin had been telling me  was present earlier in the day.
The Carlsbad trail was relatively quiet, with only Yellow-rumpeds in the warbler category. There were some other good birds, however, including Baltimore orioles, Great-crested Flycatcher, Wood Thrush , Chimney Swift, Brown Creeper  Broad-winged Hawk, and Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Some members heard a Winter Wren. 
Susan Beaudoin