Peregrine Curiosity


I stopped by the Peregrine nest site in Rensselaer today at about 5:30 p.m. (bad timing as far as the lighting was concerned,but that was all the time I had.) There was one adult on the near nest box today, much to my surprise. I had a good look at him/her, until I stepped to my left for a better angle and he/she took off.

The nest box on the far side was empty of chicks, but there was a bird on the bridge support right next to that box, stretching its wings and testing its wobbly legs, looking very much like a toddler just learning walk. I must say, the behavior really threw me off and I'm still wondering about what I saw because the bird looked more like an adult than a juvenile. Its back seemed much bluer than I had expected the juvenile would be at this stage, and it seemed to have grown quite a bit since last week. Given that the lighting was so bad, though, I may very well have been looking at another adult, but I honestly can't be sure. The fact that the nest box (which had 3 chicks in it last week) was empty has left me curious too.

I'll try to check up on them over the weekend and will let you know what's happening. In the meantime, enjoy your independence!

Jackie Bogardus
Rensselaer, NY

There was an adult sitting on the closer nest box today, much to my surprise. I enjoyed an excellent look at her/him, but it wasn't nearly as much fun as watching the bird at the far nest box.

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