Nite Flite

Louis J. Esch <lesch1@...>

My Bird Monitor (*) was working great last night! Every time I rolled over
(or something), I heard calls from migrating flocks, mostly of Geese. One
time, it was a different call, which I thought might have been Loons, but
I'm not really familiar with their migrational conversational habits.

Since, having slept quite soundly, I was getting just spot samples, I must
assume that the sky was full of fliers all night. And I'm not under any
particularly heavily travelled flyway!

(*) My "Bird Monitor" is a Fisher-Price baby monitor with the "baby" end
stuck outside of one of my too-soundproof triple-glazed windows and the
"noisy" end stuck on the bookshelf next to my sleeping ear zone.

Lou Esch

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