More Bird Drama


This morning, I found a dead raccoon on the side of the road at the edge of the property.  A large shadow crossed over my head and I looked up to see an adult Bald Eagle about 40 feet off the ground.  It pivoted and circled several times over the carcass.  A group of Turkey Vultures (5) also came in and the birds circled the carcass.  The Eagle swooped at the Vultures several times and eventually drove them away from the coon but they landed close by in the trees and the Eagle landed on the phone pole between them and body.

I went out for awhile to scope the lake and when I returned there were 7 vultures and the Eagle in the trees around the corpse.  The proximity of the dead coon to the road was clearly unsafe for any of these guys so I decided to move the body to a safer location about 100 feet off the road along the edge.

About 40 minutes ago, a second adult Eagle showed up and the two of them rousted the Vultures and drove them off.  They are now taking turns with one eating and the other in the tree overhead on overwatch to keep the vultures at bay.  A Red Tail, a Coopers, and the Red Shoulder have all made brief appearances over the yard.

Some days, yard work can be very exciting.