Initial results for the Schenectady CBC, Saturday, December 18

Larry & Penny Alden

Initial results are in from all field parties from Saturday’s Schenectady CBC.  This count has been held each year since December 1929. This year’s count was held in wet weather, with temperatures hovering around freezing and snow/sleet/rain falling from around 11:00 onward.


Nine field parties found a total of 61 species, with two additional species reported from within the count circle by non-participants.  Highlights include: 2 Wood Ducks, 4 Gadwalls, I Common Goldeneye, 3 Hooded Mergansers, 3 Double-crested Cormorants, 6 Eastern Screech-Owls, 1 Great Horned Owl, 3 Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, 1 American Kestrel, 9 Brown Creepers, 6 Winter Wrens, 4 Golden-crowned Kinglets, 1 Hermit Thrush, 1 Gray Catbird, 2 Swamp Sparrows, 10 Red-winged Blackbirds, and 2 Brown-headed Cowbirds.  The two additional species were White-crowned Sparrow and Yellow-rumped Warbler.


The 3 cormorants represent a record, with single individuals reported in just five counts prior to this one.  We also topped the previous highs with 95 Black Vultures and 560 Cedar Waxwings.


Larry Alden