Hooded Warbler

Cynthia Edwardson

This morning, Chris and I walked the trails at MHLC Bozen Kill Preserve in Altamont.  We heard a warbler near the intersection of the White and BlueTrails, not far from the parking lot, and to our great surprise (we're new to NY birding), a male hooded warbler popped into view after I pished a bit.  It didn't stay out long enough for a photograph and we were unable to locate it again when we returned from our walk.  Deeper into the woods, a barred owl seemed to respond to my pishing, but from quite a distance. At the end of the Red Trail, we saw a green heron in the Kill.  Twenty species seen or heard today (late morning) and recorded on ebird.

We love these Preserves and so appreciate the MHLC network that makes it possible for us to visit them.

Cindy and Chris Edwardson
Albany, NY