here & there plus Fort Edward


Saturday, 3/13/99

Gansevoort: American ketrel

Stone Bridge Rd (T of Northumberland): 29 red-tailed hawks, 2 rough-legged hwak, 2 unidentified buteos

Rte 113 (Washington county) south of Schuylerville: 50 american black duck, 18 northern pintail, 17 wild turkey

Fort Edward: 12 rough-legged hawks (and I didn't go on Mafaffy Rd!), 6 red-tailed hawk, 3 RAVEN (Cary Road), 6 horned lark, 2 bluebirds. I saw some other birders who said they had horned larks, lapland longspurs, and snow buntings on East rd (I didn't go over there). I left the area about 3pm and had no owls.

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