eBird -- Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail -- Oct 10, 2021

Ronald Harrower

Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail
Oct 10, 2021
7:44 AM
1.65 miles
180 Minutes
All birds reported? Yes
Comments: Mostly cloudy and in low 60, no or very light breeze. We encountered two groups of Rusty Blackbirds, one almost right away. We could see 34 Turkey Vultures roosting across the marsh. We passed them near the bench and by the time we came back, they were all airborne and later joined by 7 Black Vultures, 3 Broad-winged Hawks and 1 Red-tailed Hawk.
One bright breeding plumaged Black-throated Blue Warbler was a highlight and the only other species than well-represented Yellow-rumped Warblers. Swainson’s Thrush and an unidentified Catharus cousin were highlights as well. All birding skill levels were represented with one man going birding for the first time.
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700 Canada Goose
1 Great Blue Heron
7 Black Vulture -- Joined Turkey Vultures in kettle over trail and nearby areas.
34 Turkey Vulture
3 Broad-winged Hawk -- Soared over us on trail on return
1 Red-tailed Hawk
2 Red-bellied Woodpecker
6 Downy Woodpecker
2 Hairy Woodpecker
1 Pileated Woodpecker
2 Northern Flicker
2 Eastern Wood-Pewee
1 Eastern Phoebe
2 Blue-headed Vireo
7 Blue Jay
5 American Crow
1 Common Raven
12 Black-capped Chickadee
4 Tufted Titmouse
12 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
4 Golden-crowned Kinglet
4 White-breasted Nuthatch
2 Carolina Wren -- Call from marsh near
1 Gray Catbird
3 Eastern Bluebird
1 Swainson's Thrush
1 Catharus sp. -- Due to brief view and no clear overriding bird parts that said Wood, Swainson’s, Hermit or Veery, we’ll leave it in the family.
8 American Robin
2 American Goldfinch
18 White-throated Sparrow
5 Song Sparrow
7 Swamp Sparrow
20 Red-winged Blackbird
19 Rusty Blackbird
150 blackbird sp. -- Flew over parking lot. A few chips, but with grey sky, hard to ID
1 Black-throated Blue Warbler
15 Yellow-rumped Warbler
1 Northern Cardinal

Number of Taxa: 38