Dickcissel,Goshawk, (Lawrence's)

F Murphy <thrush@...>

We were very fortunate to see the Dickcissel at Fort Edward today, thanks
to Amy. This bird has eluded me for years, so it was extra special to see
a brilliant male singing at close range. A real nice sight indeed.

Earlier that day, 6/13/99, we did the Breeding Bird Survey for the Vischer
Ferry to Ballston Lake area. Nothing earth shattering, but we did have an
adult Northern Goshawk fly right by us as it was being pursued by a couple
of crows. This was off Sugar Hill Road near the Vischer Ferry Power Station.

In light of the recent sighting of a Lawrence's Warbler at the Saratoga
Battlefield, I'm wondering if anyone has seen a Golden-winged Warbler. I
reported one there on 5/22/99 during our big day. Based on all the brief
looks two of us got, and all of us hearing the song (three buzzes instead
of the typical 4 buzzes that I'm used to), we called it a Golden-winged.
Now I'm not so sure.

Mull it over before they mow it over (in honor of the Dickcissel)

See it before they saw it.

Frank Murphy
Clifton Park, NY


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