6/12/99: During our grassland bird study this morning we got Dickcissel! While we do have an occassional appearance every winter or two, have we ever had a summer one??
He was in beautiful breeding plumage singing his heart out, and we think he was on territory because several hours later we went back and he was STILL there singing away. Also heard at least one other one further into the field. Got excellent looks today (luckily had scope in backseat).
Directions: Ft Edward area: Rt. 4 to Durkeetown Rd., go east past "pink pig" mailbox on left side, past mailbox 2876 on left. Bird(s) on rt. side of road near the "curve" sign in large purple wildflower field. Sits on wires and on the old fence posts going out into field. Familiarize yourself with its song/call. Be careful on the road - you can see/hear bird from the road if he's there, no need to go into field.


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