Common Redpolls at Albany airport - photos and suggestions about viewing


Some folks have had mixed success viewing the flock of 50 or 60 Common Redpolls on the east side of the Albany International Airport. Based on several visits over the past couple of days, patience may be required to get a look at them, as the flock moves about quite a bit, often feeding on the ground just south of the fence, at times perching in the vegetation at the fence, and on top of the barbed wire fence that separates the parking lot of Chris's Coffee ( a large commercial building) and a gravel road just north of it that goes back toward the airport. For a general idea of where this is,, look up 348 Old Niskayuna Rd (Chris's Coffee) or 347 Old Niskayuna Road (Town of Colonie buildings). This is all tucked in on the southeast quadrant of the airport, off Wade Road. The above mentioned gravel road runs west from Old Niskayuna Rd.; bear left at the first turn to go alongside the fence north of Chris's Coffee. 

The flock flies frequently up and down ( east and west) re-landing along the fence area, but at times takes off to somewhere completely out of view, but always (so far) returning to the same fence area. Good luck! A couple of images are in the following ebird link. - Scott and Denise