Cedar waxwings 5 Rivers

Sue Rokos

This late afternoon we were greeted with an ear-full of cedar waxwings, round of robins and murmuration of starlings in the apple orchard! Then a hairy woodpecker couple and a Downy. Heard chickadees, nuthatches, and mourning doves. A tufted titmouse followed us down the path.a red tailed hawk was preening himself on bluebird box 18 A, then flew directly towards us, perched in a tree, and well, watched us like a hawk. A gaggle of Canadian geese flew overhead, followed by a solitary hawk, white bellied with dark wings, hard to see in the light, probably another red tailed hawk? And finally head a red winged blackbird as we headed down the misnamed bird watcher's path. Lovely to be out and see pussy willows by the pond.
Sue and Dennis Rokos