Banded Ring-billed Gulls

Richard Guthrie

Yesterday, then today, I came across two different color banded Ring-billed Gulls. One in a parking lot in Catskill. The other at the Coxsackie Boat Launch. 

Yesterday's [Blue band on Left Leg with the code: "1ZT"]  was banded as a juvenile in Quebec in 2013, Prior to my report, it had been seen in Quebec twice in April and again in June, 2017.

Today's [ blue band on Left Leg with "FJY"] was banded as an adult male, also in Quebec in June, 2019. I saw and reported this same one back in November last year, also at the Coxsackie Boat Launch. It had also been seen up in Quebec twice in May, 2020. So this one was seen at the same location on its way south last year, and again on its way north this year. 
Rich Guthrie
New Baltimore, 
The Greene County,

Richard Guthrie