A birding moment (ten minutes?)


Actually, two birding moments today:

On Cary Rd, I saw what I thought were two turkeys copulating in the field. Upon closer inspection, it was two males battling. The were chest to chest, outstretched neck to neck, heads slightly intertwined. They were embroiled in a "dance" that went like this: push-o'-war with one turkey moving backwards then the other alternating with rotating clockwise for 10 seconds and then counterclockwise for 10 more and repeating this pattern about 10 times before going back to push-o'-war. The whole time, they kept their chests, necks, heads together and their tails were alternately spreading out and raising and lowering. It was fun to watch.

My second moment almost became "grilled turkey" (if you get my drift). About 200 yards from my driveway I came around a curve and a tom turkey was standing in the middle (I mean middle - like on the yellow lines) of the road with his tail fanned and his head/neck a very bright blue and red. Luckily, he quickly flew/ran to the right at the same time another turkey (female?) went left. Luckily, no contact was made by my car and the turkey.

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