Hillsdale, NY White-winged Scoter


A Hillsdale farmer I know called me about a strange duck they couldn't i.d. I went over and got photos from my car. The W-w Scoter is an adult male, who appears healthy and with about a dozen C. Geese. It is a  fast swimmer, dives frequently, flaps its wings, and preens. No one has seen it fly but they say it is shy if anyone tries to approach the pond so they don't. The pond is maybe 200 yards wide, hard to judge.
I couldn't see what he was eating, but it is near a stream so maybe crayfish? Fish? Insects? in the pond.

I wondered if we have ever had any other summer sightings in our area. Seems unusual.

It is on private land and the owner does not want birders coming there so I can't give out an exact location. I am trying to get permission for a few but so far no.

Nancy Kern