Snowy Owls

Jeffrey Schoonmaker

Two Snowy Owls were seen well this morning (Saturday) at 11 a.m. at the Fort Edwards Grasslands.  The second bird was the easiest; it was perched at the top of a utility pole right next to the road (Blockhouse Rd.).  A few cars were pulled off on both sides of the road as occupants pointed long-lens cameras out the windows and up at the bird.  The owl was unperturbed by them and the other traffic that just drove by.  It is unknown if the owners of the house near the pole were perturbed or not.

The Snowy Owl was my 320th 2021 bird for the lower 48 states during this my first full calendar year of retirement.  Good thing, since I missed the Greater White-fronted Goose on Collins Lake, the Pink-footed Goose in Wappingers Falls (3 hours of round trip driving on a wild goose chase), the Horned Grebe on Basic Creek Reservoir, and a Winter Wren at Five Rivers (twice!) in my quest for my 320th bird.  Whew!   Retirement is fabulous!

Many thanks to all of you who faithfully sent in postings of your sightings!