Snowy Owls along Rt 197 in Ft. Ed. Grasslands

Rob Chapman

Hi All,

I just wanted to pass along that I observed 2 Snowy Owls at dusk today as I was departing from watching the Short Eared Owls on the Little Farm.  Both were seen from Rt. 197.  The first one I saw along with a large number of others, was perched on the wind vane in the field at the top part of the hill.  The second one flew by this bird.  I followed it east and found it on a pole in the driveway of the "Dun Broke Me" farm.  This one was more heavily barred than the first.  I took photos, but it was very near sunset and light was limited and the birds were easily 100 plus yards off the road.  

Wishing you all ... Clear Skies & Great Birds!  

.....Rob Chapman