Kinderhook Snow Geese plus


Location: west of Kinderhook light, corner of Rt. 21 and Eichybush Road at Hollyrock Farm.

About 3-4:30 pm I watched about 200 Snow Geese, several 100 Canada Geese. It was overcast, intermittent rain, and the geese were feeding on a harvested corn field. Most of the time they were moving and in and out of deep tractor ruts in the wet ground, and some would fly up and circle back to feed. My photos were mostly blurred, and the photo conditions were difficult.
Examining them at home, there may be a Greater White-fronted Goose and a collared Snow Goose, possibly # 17 E on light green. Could the dark goose be a young, dark, Greater white-fronted? It looks like it might have a partial white eye ring which seems odd.

There were also 2 geese that were very dark and looked larger than the Canadas. I couldn't get a good view or photo.

I am going back tomorrow to see if they are there, and lighting is better.

Nancy Kern