Migrants in W. Charlton


I’ve had an interesting day, bird-wise, and I didn’t even have to go anywhere! 


A little before noon, I heard a bunch of nuthatch, chickadee, and titmouse calls, and thought maybe we had a hawk in the yard.  But when I looked outside, I found that our crabapple tree had about two-dozen birds foraging in it.  They moved so fast, I wasn’t able to identify all of them, but they included Chestnut-Sided and Magnolia Warblers, Northern Parula, a Swainson’s Thrush making a little ‘wit’ call, Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, and Red-Eyed Vireos.  The tree is absolutely loaded with fruit, which I assume attracts insects as it ripens (or rots).


Later, when I went out to refill a bird feeder, I got a great look at a female Scarlet Tanager, and heard Gray Catbird and Northern Flicker.


After lunch, more birds came through, including a Black-Throated Green Warbler, American Redstart (I just looked out the window – he’s back!), Eastern Wood-Pewee, and more Ruby-Crowned Kinglets. 


We still have a couple of hummingbirds around, though the last male of the season was on 8/30.    And we have some very noisy Pileated Woodpeckers!


I also saw an American Kestrel perched on a wire this morning when I walked my dog.


Ellen P.

West Charlton