More priority blocks that need some atlassing!

zach schwartz-weinstein

Hello and Happy July to everyone.

As promised, here's another round of priority blocks that need more attention in our region.  If you get a chance in the next few weeks, head out and check some of these areas for breeding behavior!  Here are three blocks no one has visited yet!

Harrisburg CE - This block has zero checklists during the atlas period.  It's in the adirondack park and includes what seem to be public trails to Saint John Lake and Little Pond, both of which are entirely within the block.  This should be prime habitat for a lot of adirondacky species.

Harrisburg NW - another untouched block in the heart of the adirondacks, almost all of which is on public lands.  This block is accessed from W Stony Creek Road, and could be combined with a trip to Harrisburg CE

Brant Lake NW - Another unvisited block, this one includes Beaver Pond and a sizeable chunk of Brant Lake.  Much of this block is private land, so it might be a good block to take if you're someone who is comfortable having conversations with property owners to get access to land.  

All of these blocks desperately need birders to visit them and start confirming species, and all of them offer great opportunities to find unusual breeders for the region.  
Zach Schwartz-Weinstein
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