Yellow-breasted Chat - Saratoga Battlefield

Lindsey Duval <lindsey.duval@...>

There's a YB Chat lurking near the Wilkinson Trail in the Saratoga Battlefield (National Historical Park). I incidentally just came back from down south where there were a few around so their odd chatters and whistles are still fresh in my memory (I swear I didn't bring the bird back with me) and ended up with deja vu with what I was hearing, even though i tried writing it off as a lazy Thrasher or creative Oriole. Then got a brief visual as it flew across the trailing front of me to land in shrubby stuff, but I couldn't find it again and it hasn't sung for a half hour, despite my searching. 

This is the main section of the trail, walking from office through the woods and down the hill. It was in the stand of about 10 birch and flew across to where the horse trail intersects, just past the sign post with the letter B inset on pink.