Rail Babies

Sue Rokos

Rainy greetings,
This morning we birded the Bog Meadow Trail beginning 10 ish at the Lake Road trailhead, finishing in the rain 2 ish. Going up we saw a green teal duck, two killdeer, a greater yellow leg and canada geese in the bog. Moving on found an earful.of Cedar Waxwings, song and white throated sparrow, Eastern Phoebe, red winged blackbirds, two mallards, tree swallows, robins, common yellow throat, yellow bellied sapsucker, Downey and hairy woodpeckers, veery, peewee, chickadee and blue Jay. Once we got back to the Big pond/bog in the rain, saw some tiny shorebirds touch down and disappear among the hillocks
 Then right before the bridge, we chanced on two Virginia Rails,