Century Run aka my Rensselaer Ramble

Naomi Lloyd

A day may come when I make a plan and stick to it, when I get all those songs memorized, and birds are where they're supposed to be, but it is not this day.

No Rails or Bitterns in several marshes.
I picked up a few lingering waterfowl: Green- and Blue-winged Teal, and a Ring-necked Duck.
Decent raptor day: both Vultures, nesting Osprey, Peregrine, and Cooper's Hawk, a late-day Broad-wing, and six American Kestrels.
RensCo is always tough for shorebirds, and I was happy enough to pick up Spotted, Solitary and Least.
I got the full usual complement of Woodpeckers and Vireos.
Warblers were tough this year, only 13 species, all local breeders. A Cerulean Warbler in the campground at SISP saved me a long walk. Both Waterthrushes sang out from their usual spots.
Standout Sparrows were Savannah and White-crowned.
Last bird of the day was our local pair of Barred Owls having a chat.

BEST bird of the day was at about 10:15am when a large heron-like bird flew across Rt 9J with its long neck extended. Of all the birds I hoped to see, a SANDHILL CRANE certainly was not on the list!

Total for the day, 4:45am to 6:45pm - 98 species which is average for me. eBird checklist for the entire day:

Naomi Lloyd
of the East-of-the-Hudson Lloyds