Century Run 2021 - Greene County

Larry & Penny Alden

Mark Fitzsimmons, John Roosenburg and I opted for a Century Run in the Greene County this year. With the southern and western parts of the county up in the mountains and largely inaccessible, we decided to confine our run to the eastern and northern parts of the county. We did get up over 2500 feet at Mt. Pisgah in the northwestern corner, so did not entirely miss out on the beauty of the Catskills.
Migrants were largely absent yesterday, but we managed to count 123 species for our second best total since we've been doing single county big days. Highlights included Brant, American Black Duck, 7 shorebird species including both yellowlegs, Common Loon, American Bittern, Evening Grosbeak, White-crowned Sparrow and 19 warbler species including Worm-eating and Cape May. Our bigger misses were Broad-winged Hawk, Brown Creeper, Winter Wren and Hermit Thrush. All in all, a great day in a great county. Only 2 more counties to go before completing a Century Run in all 11 of the regional counties! What will next year bring?
David Harrison
Milford, NJ

(Posted by Larry Alden on behalf of David Harrison)