A Change in Summer Residents


For decades we've had Bluebird boxes. We started with two and usually, after major disagreements, Bluebirds nested in one and Tree Swallows in the other. One year the House Wrens claimed one, leaving the Bluebirds homeless, so I added a third box, which the Bluebirds used. The next year the House Wrens took that one.

This year we quickly got a pair of Tree Swallows and a pair of Bluebirds, with the third, more distant house vacant. Two days ago a second pair of Tree Swallows seemed to have claimed it. Today I see Tree Swallow heads sticking out of two boxes and the Bluebirds at the third. Although we saw them earlier in the year, the usual "excess of Tree Swallows battles" have been absent in recent days.

It's always nice to have full occupancy in the Bluebird boxes.

Clear skies, Alan