Late winter finches, Wrights Loop and VFNHP


I arrived home yesterday after being away since January to find 4 Red Crossbills and a Pine Siskin at my feeders. I was especially thrilled with the crossbills as I hadn't seen them before leaving.
Yesterday after a tip from Ron H., I went to Wrights Loop to see both yellowlegs and solitary and spotted sandpipers. While I didn't see the least sandpipers Ron found, I was lucky to see an American pipet who flew in for a brief time.
At VFNHP this morning, I had 7 species of warblers. Black throated blue and greens, parula, redstart, and ovenbird, were the most interesting along with dozens of yellow-rumps and yellow warblers and many common yellowthroats. Brown creeper, veery, yellow-throated vireo and several Baltimore orioles were seen. Most exciting were 4 screaming male rose-breasted grosbeaks streaking through the woods after each other. They were all bunched up together like a big black and white ball carooming around. Quite a sight.
Susan Beaudoin