Oriole Feeders


Several years ago I bought an oriole feeder, essentially an overgrown hummingbird feeder with larger capacity, larger holes, and more robust perches. I tried it but there was absolutely no interest, although I certainly had orioles around. Since I now have orioles coming to my suet feeder often, and there appear to be at least two pair around, I decided to give it another try. I put it up two days ago.

A hummingbird checked it out five minutes after I put it up, but quickly returned to my hanging hummingbird feeder. Today is the first time orioles have checked it out, or at least that I've seen. A male oriole landed on it, but then another arrived and they both left. A bit later a male landed on it again, but seemed a bit puzzled and soon flew off to the suet feeder.

Has anyone had any success with one of these in getting regular visitors? Since I've had a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at my hummingbird feeder and a friend had problems with Downy and the Red-bellied Woodpeckers essentially taking over her hummingbird feeders last summer, I figure there are other candidates for regular users. I also have an open spot on the same pole where I could add a feeder for jelly and oranges, something else I had no luck with in the past.

Thanks, and clear skies, Alan