Stockport Flats Wed. Am. Bittern


Raining, cool 60F at 5 pm, Stockport Creek water muddy and tributaries roaring out to the Hudson River as the tide went out.

Very wet, young owl with yellow eyes, downy light feathered Great-horned Owl sitting in a tall white pine tree. Not revealing exact location off Station Rd.

Heard American Bittern "pumping", several Yellow Warblers, also seen Baltimore Oriole, Black-throated Blue also -green Warblers, numerous White-throated Sparrows and Red-winged Blackbirds. 1 pair Wood Ducks.

At least 400 swallows over the Hudson River: some Tree, Rough-winged and mostly Bank Swallows which are traditionally there.

Two adult Bald Eagles at the nest on the island. One feeding an eaglet. Difficult to see how many because of some intense rain.

21 Double-crested Cormorants and a few C. Geese north of the island.

Nancy Kern