Saratoga County stuff

Lindsey Duval <lindsey.duval@...>

Today I started at Brown's Beach and was surprised by a Great Egret flying in who then disappeared behind the docks to the west. Not much else new there and apparently a Killdeer nest I've been watching failed.

I then stopped at Waterfront Park on Saratoga Lake and found 6 Purple Martins back at their house! The house was moved and now you get really easy views of the birds. There were a bunch of Black-and-White Warblers, Yellow-rumpeds, a Black-throated Green, Baltimore Oriole, and a Warbling Vireo.

I then wandered Bog Meadow and found other birders, and quite a lot of activity. Another Great Egret briefly visited the pond and there were 3 Greater Yellowlegs and a Spotted Sandpiper. I had a Magnolia Warbler singling near the conifers on the Meadowbrook side. Other Warblers included Black-throated Blue, lots of Black-throated Greens, Black-and-White warblers, Blackburnian, some Nashvilles, Northern Waterthrushes, Yellow Warblers, and Yellowthroats. Also had 3 Gnatcatchers, 3 Great Crested Flycatchers, and a handful of singing Purple Finches, among others.


to add one further highlight to lindsey's report from bog meadow, (cathy and I were there all morning, crossing paths with lindsey twice), we heard and watched an extended courtship session of a red-shouldered hawk pair toward the east end of the trail. Both members of the pair were very vocal doing a close circling flight together, and one (the male based on refs I found) also was doing a solo "sky dancing" flight calling while spiraling very high and then diving back down. very cool to see and hear.

gregg recer
malta NY