Violet-green Swallow (pics and follow-up)


On Thursday I celebrated Earth Day (4/22) in an unusual way by accidentally discovering a mega-rarity for New York State at Vischer Ferry Preserve. Word got out and many birders quickly showed up at Vischer Ferry from as far as Long Island in hopes of seeing what would be the first recorded Violet-green Swallow in New York State.  Many people including myself searched on Thursday afternoon and a few on Friday to refind the bird that unmistakably appeared in my photo files for the morning.  As far as I know though until now, no one has been able to find the bird. This I really regret.  I only saw it originally in the technical sense that I aimed the camera in the right direction and snapped the shutter.  Anyway, there have been fairly large numbers of foraging swallows over the ponds and the canal in the last few days so that the bird could still be present nearby.  I've attached a few of my pics which vary in quality but particularly illustrate the beautiful iridescent purple plumage on the rump of this strictly Western bird.   

John H.