Galway Nature Preserve


I visited Galway Nature Preserve this morning, where I finally heard Ruby-Crowned Kinglets (FOS for me).  For most of my walk, it was very quiet, aside from the sounds of water running in the streams; I saw only one person the entire time. 


I got really nice looks at a Hermit Thrush (another FOS) on the ground along the trail until it disappeared into the woods.  Other highlights were Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers, Northern Flicker, and Pileated Woodpeckers calling and drumming; a colorful male Wood Duck in a farm field with Mallards near the preserve entrance; an Eastern Phoebe with nesting material; and a possible Winter Wren singing.  The biggest surprise, though, was when I returned to where I’d found the Hermit Thrush to see if it had come back out again – suddenly I heard “Who cooks? Who cooks for you all?” very close by.  A Barred Owl!  I couldn’t see it, but it called three separate times.  Magical.


Ellen P.

West Charlton