Bog Meadow Brook Trail

Cynthia Edwardson

Thanks to Lindsey Duval for her recent post about birds at Bog Meadow Brook Trail.  Chris and I walked the trail on Weds and it was delightful.  Among the 30 species we counted were16 Swamp Sparrows singing!  Other highlights for us included FOY Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Virginia Rail, Green-winged Teal, Wood ducks, 3 Hermit Thrushes, 4 YB Sapsuckers (one was so involved with food finding that we almost reached out and touched it) and our first NY drumming Ruffed Grouse. No warblers were seen or heard.
I'm attaching a few photos including a very large snapping turtle that took up most of the trail as we tried to walk by, and one of Skunk Cabbage which was abundant along the way.

Cindy Edwardson