Goose update

zach schwartz-weinstein

No sign of the Bean-Goose yet this morning, but Jay McGowan found a Pink-Footed Goose at the southern end of Wright’s Loop in Stillwater (a county first for Saratoga.). Jay also found a Cackling Goose north of the bridge in Stillwater.  

Zach Schwartz-Weinstein
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Lindsey Duval <lindsey.duval@...>

I'm just now leaving the Marine Boat Launch at Saratoga Lake and no other birders are present. I stayed from about noon until 5:50 pm and the Bean Goose has sadly been a no show up to this point. There was a small group of Canadas on the shore by the trailer park but not much Goose movement in or out of the site all afternoon. 

Lindsey D.