Plum Road Fort Edward

Sue Rokos

We got to Plum Road, Fort Edward, about 4:50 p.m., parked on the side overlooking the little theater, grabbed our coats and binocs and what a show! 6 to 8 ? More? Short eared owls were swooping over both sides of the road, stopping in the tree opposite the little theater, then taking off, settling and swooping back and forth over the field by the little theater. Two harrier hawks joined them, chasing. About 5:15, we notice two owls circling and flying high towards us, over the road, joining talons, they tumbled down for a second or two, then released and both headed down into the trees opposite the field, towards Swamp road? Not sure of that road name. Pretty incredible! Thanks for letting us know they are back!

Sue and Dennis Rokos